Youth Club is for those who are P7+ and it meets every Friday night during term time from 8:15-9:30pm. A typical night includes board games, Fifa, table tennis and a tuck shop. Throughout the year special nights are planned where the group go bowling, go to laser tag, and of course they make trips to McDonalds.

James is in charge of our youth club. He is married to Jenny and works as a manager of a spar in Lisburn. He is in his final year of studies at university and also coaches at Lisburn Distillery Football Club. He loves all things football, but hates emptying the dishwasher and drivers who don’t use the indicators.

Youth fellowship is for all secondary school students. They meet after Church every other Sunday at 8:15-9:30pm. Our YF leaders aim to help the young people grow in their understanding of the Bible and their love for Jesus and His Church. YF is a safe place where young people can feel comfortable talking about any struggles and issues they are facing at home, at school, or in their friend groups.

Lynsey is in charge of our Youth Fellowship. She is married to Jonny and works as a teacher in one of the local primary schools.

Bible class is for those who are secondary school age. It meets during term time every Sunday from 10:15-11:00. The main goal of Bible class is to teach young people how to study God’s word for themselves. They work through studies together to better understand the Bible.

David is in charge of our Bible class. He is married to Zara and works as an analyst for a Banking Group. He loves musical theatre and also watching home renovation videos. He really doesn’t like birthday cards, so please refrain from getting him one for his birthday.

For more information about any of our youth activities please get in contact.