The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read – Christopher Ash – Book Review

The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read – Christopher Ash

(but is too embarrassed to ask)


By James McAuley

If you are looking for a short, relevant and easy to read book, then this one is for you. This book is very practical but yet very challenging book for every church member. Christopher Ash constantly reminds us that our Pastors are indeed real-life people who need cared for as much (if not more) than we do. If I was to be honest, the basic principles of this book are common sense but since we live in a fallen world, many of the ‘obvious’ actions that members should undertake do not happen in our Western churches today, so the book does a good job of setting expectations for members – which include their responsibilities and commitments to the congregation AND to the pastor. Ash highlights how the western church today often has a ‘take, take, take’ approach, where we look for our Elders to do everything for us, and he states that if that is our thinking, then we have it all wrong. 

A summary of the chapters are as follows:


Pastors are People too

Why would you want to care for your pastor?

  1. Daily Repentance and Eager Faith (the importance of growing as a Christian)
  2. Committed Belonging (being a committed member to the church family)
  3. Open Honesty (being open if you have problems with the Pastor, or with your own sin)
  4. Thoughtful Watchfulness (supporting the Pastor to grow in their faith)
  5. Loving Kindness (small acts of kindness to show your love)
  6. High Expectations (expecting high standards of holiness show that you care)
  7. Zealous Submission (The Pastor is the leader, so let them lead)

This book has helped me in my prayerful and practical living towards my Pastor and I hope that it will benefit you as well.